About KØXG
KØXG Systems started manufacturing equipment for tower rotation back in 1995. The first product we produced was a set of guy ring bearings for a 150 foot tall rotating Rohn 55g tower. We quickly realized there was a great need for other products to go with these rings for a rotating tower system, such as boom to tower mounts, sag harness plates, and mounting brackets for coax switches and relay boxes. But most of all, there was also a tremendous need for a heavy-duty industrial type rotor suitable for turning large antennas as well as rotating towers.

KØXG Systems now manufactures a full product range for use with large antenna installations. We also manufacture specialty items for large or small fixtures for antenna rotation.

KØXG Systems now has equipment operating coast to coast in 18 states.

About KØXG's Products
KØXG products are not built to compete with the heavy-duty TV antenna rotors, which have been available for many years, or other methods of rotating antennas around the sides of towers. KØXG products are built to enable the whole tower to rotate and multiple beam antennas to turn in extreme wind, rain, sleet, snow, and ice storm conditions without problems.

KØXG Systems also manufactures the heavy-duty hardware needed to allow the largest of antennas to be mounted to the side of any tower. KØXG Systems can supply simple boom to tower plates for small arrays up to large boom to tower brackets for large multi element antennas, as well as tower to tower plates and tower to mast plates for those large VHF and UHF antennas.

All the tower parts that KØXG Systems produces are built for many years of trouble free service in almost any climate, and are manufactured to withstand almost any abuse that can be thrown at them.