Resources To Assist You
KL7WV Tower Service
Tower, Antenna and Rotor Installation and Repair.

XX Towers
Complete installation of towers antennas and feedlines.

DX Engineering
Antenna hardware for many needs.

Green Heron Engineering
Digital Rotor boxes for controlling most types of Rotors.

Unified Microsystems (W9XT)
BCD-10 Band decoder.

Array Solutions
Stack boxes for those stacked monbanders.

Lots of useful lowband and receiver information.

EA4TX Control
For use with most control boxes. Attaches to the LPT port on your PC. Runs with many logging programs.

Idiom Press Control
Card installs inside of a Hy-Gain control box to allow "preset" control of the rotor.

Antenna modeling software.

P & K Antenna & Tower Services
For installations in the mid-west area. Call (815) 973-8595

Specialized tower accessories.