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Guy Ring Bearings:
Product Description:
Attaches to tower legs at any location, not just between tower sections.
Built with six heavy duty 6,000 pound sealed roller bearings.
Bearing surfaces are completely covered. No need for extra weatherproof cover.
Long torque arms for attaching guy wires. Moves guys away from the tower for protection.
Self-adjusting torque arms adjust to the correct angle of each wire.
Comes in either 3 guy or 4 guy layout patterns.
Various models available for all Rohn towers from 45g and up. Also AB105 and other makes of tower.
Special rings can be made for crank-up towers.
Heavy duty construction. Heavy hot dipped galvanized steel construction.
45/55g .....$1620.00
65/AB105 UST 1850 .....$1,880.00
Rohn 80 .....$3,200.00
Another photo of guy ring bearings: Drawing: