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Orbital Ring Rotor:

45/55G Orbital ring Rotor on Rohn 45 Tower with Monster SteppIR antenna.

Product Description:

Heavy-duty industrial quality rotor made to rotate large antenna systems around the tower.

Precision laser cut gear made from 3/8” thick steel and can be stacked to ensure the strongest drive gear of any rotor on the market.

Driven by a two-horse power motor and heavy-duty gear reducers with a 4000 to 1 reduction there is plenty of high power to turn the largest of antennas in the most adverse wind and weather conditions.

Final antenna speeds can be as fast as one revolution in 45 seconds up to one revolution in 3 minutes.

Our design allows installation of more than one antenna on each rotor, providing the height spacing of the antennas is not to great.

Position feed back can be either by potentiometer or pulse feedback to allow any type of control box to be installed with the rotor, although our standard units come with the well proven “Green Heron” control box.

 ALL units can be supplied for 110volt or 220volt supply voltages and 50 or 60 cycle operation.

Ideal for UHF/VHF stacks.


Model Number Tower leg Width in Inches Tower leg Width in millimeters Ring Inside Diameter Inches Ring Inside Diameter millimeters Price in US Dollars $
45/55G 18 457.2 25 635.0 $4,250.00
65/105 26 660.4 39 990.6 $4,600.00
80G 41 1041.4 55 1397.0 $4,900.00
90G 60 1524.0 73 1854.2 $5,900.00
100X 80 2032.0 100 2540.0 $8,850.00
NOTE: Ring rotor now available with Prop Pitch Rotor drive. Contact us for details.


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